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Leaving the house

Leaving Haus Vlietländer nice and tidy for the next arrival

Make sure the holiday home is left in good order and broom clean.
Hereby a checklist before departure:

Take Rubbish

Take rubbish to the environmental station, see link (own site subject waste).

Empty dishwasher

Leave the dishwasher empty with clean dishes back in the cupboards.

The fridge

Empty the fridge and leave clean.

Oven and microwave

Check that oven and microwave are clean and empty.

Closed up

Make sure taps are closed, lights off and windows and doors closed.

Clean up

Used the fireplace, stove or BBQ, leave it clean.

Check for your stuff

Check cupboards, drawers and sockets to make sure all your stuff is packed in.

The cleaning team is ready to clean the house thoroughly. Respect the departure time as stated on the accommodation confirmation. That way, subsequent guests can enjoy a stay like you from the agreed arrival time.

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