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House rules

Haus Vlietländer Rules

Below you will find agreements belonging to the house, the so-called house rules. If any of the following points are not sufficiently respected, the owner or manager is entitled to charge any extra costs, during or after your stay, for compensation of damage suffered in material, hours or costs incurred.


  • Green by green, plastic by plastic, paper by paper and so on. Sort the waste accurately and dispose of it in the indicated bins (or rubbish bags).

  • The following waste should be brought sorted to the environmental station at the following address: 📍Click here for location

Arrangements of the house

Maximum persons

The maximum number of persons as indicated on your confirmation of stay may not be exceeded

Parking your car

A maximum of two cars may park at this holiday home. Are you with more cars anyway? Then you can park them here:

Our privacy

Keep locked cupboards closed for private purposes.

Down the drains

Do not throw anything down drains such as sinks, toilets, showers and (bath) tubs. Tampons, sanitary towels, nappies, panty liners, etc. can go in the appropriate waste bin. Environmentally harmful detergents, fats, food waste and chlorine do not belong here either. Both can cause serious blockages! Moreover, they often cause considerable damage to floors and furniture.


We ask not to move or rearrange furniture. This can cause unnecessary damage and wear and tear to furniture, walls and floors. Indoor furniture is not meant for outdoor use and vice versa.

Hot objects

Always place pans, candles or hot objects with coasters or saucers on kitchen worktops/tables. This prevents the formation of burn marks.

Clean linnen

For the good hygiene of all guests, it is a requirement to use the clean linen provided. If this is not done, mattresses, blankets and pillows will need extra cleaning. Would you like a change of linen? Ask the manager, they will gladly provide this for a small fee.

Smoking prohibited

Fancy a cigarette? That is not allowed in this holiday home.

Fire alarm

Naturally, you are shocked when the fire alarm goes off, and so is the caretaker! This is because a signal is immediately sent to the fire brigade, which may come directly to the scene. Costs may be charged for this by the fire brigade or municipality.


Enjoy the crackling fire in an existing fireplace, but do not stoke the fire too high and do not use wet wood. Chimney fires may result. Ask the manager for information on how to use the fireplace or stove and where to obtain suitable wood. Do not take unsolicited wood from the garden or surrounding area unless otherwise indicated.

Noise disturbance

Having a good time and celebrating together is of course the intention, but please be considerate of other house and neighbourhood residents. We kindly but urgently request you after 10pm to let everyone enjoy their sleep.

Save energy

Together take care of mother earth! We ask you to be careful with electricity, gas and water. How can you do this? When you leave the house, check that the stove, light, oven and TV are off.

Broken items

Is something missing or broken in the holiday home? Report this as soon as you arrive! This way, action can be taken. Even during your stay something can break, an accident is in a small corner. Do you want to report this before you leave? Only then can the caretaker make the house ready for the next guests.

Additional costs

Any additional costs (listed on the confirmation of your stay) must be paid immediately on arrival, unless calculated according to consumption on departure.

Outside the house


Plants or trees in gardens, terraces or balconies are cared for by the caretaker.


Setting fires in the garden is dangerous and can cause damage, do not do this!

Drive carefully

Be careful and do not drive a vehicle through the garden, this may leave marks.

No camping

Setting up a tent sounds cosy, but camping is not allowed.

Charging cars

Charging electric or hybrid cars is not part of normal electricity consumption. This will therefore be charged separately according to consumption.

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