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Home appliances

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The chalet has underfloor heating, giving the rooms a constant temperature. The temperature is centrally controlled and cannot be changed. It is recommended to open the window slightly in the bedroom at night.


In the bathrooms there is a rain and a hand shower. Sustainability tip: the rain shower uses 5 times as much water as the hand shower. Think about this when showering.

Find out how certain kitchen appliances work


In the kitchen, you will find a boiling water tap, the Quooker, with which you can quickly make a cup of tea or boiling water for pasta, for example. The Quooker is secured with a control knob. Press the control knob twice, turn the knob and boiling hot water comes out of the tap.

See how the control knob works here:

Of course, the tap also provides hot and cold water. In fact, the lever of the Quooker works like a normal mixer tap that gives you both cold and hot water.

Cooker hood

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Induction hob

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